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mis·​fit (noun) 
1: something that fits badly. 
2: a person who is poorly adapted to a situation or environment. 

We're Sam & Meg. And according to Merriem-Webster, we're misfits. Born in Peru and adopted and raised in America made for an interesting, albeit somewhat challenging, childhood.

We know what it feels like to never really fit in with the crowd. Any crowd. But we also know that 'not fitting in' isn't necessarily a bad thing. Because there's real value in every experience. And our experience has created an opportunity to explore deep culture, heritage, and personal identity.

We're on a journey to balance our South American roots and US upbringing. And as we connect our hearts to the land and people of our ancestors...

We create. 

As we immerse ourselves in philosophy, music, and art... 

We create. 

Our friendship began at the awkward and impressionable age of 13 as we found ourselves on the same heritage trip to South America-- two misfit kids looking for clues to their pasts. 

Though we grew up in different parts of the US (Sam in Manhattan, NY, and Meg in suburban Minnesota), we managed to keep our connection as our shared interest in our homeland grew. Because, to know where you are going, you must first know where you have been.

You are invited to be part of our creative journey by enjoying apparel designed and crafted with intention and heart.

By uncovering our roots and building connections to the present, we are forging our future and preserving the culture of our ancestors. Hope you'll join us!


Who is Supay?

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From the darkness, there is light...

To us, the Incan God, Supay, represents a duality. As the ruler of the underworld (known as Uku Pacha), he is often depicted with demon-like features and typically described as somewhat of a misfit. He is regarded as a dark, shadowy figure, surrounding himself with the bones of our ancestors and protecting the path of the dead.

But the Incas believed that death was simply the beginning of a new life.

So, naturally, there is a light side to the God Supay.

He is linked to the feminine earth mother and is responsible for the life-sustaining springs of Kay Pacha, the realm of humans and animals. Supay shows us - even from the darkest depths - you can uncover a source of light.

Supay apparel is the tangible extension of a journey to our own depths. It is a journey that started long ago and has revealed forgotten pasts and a new understanding of who we are and where we're headed.

Because--"It's never too late to be who you might have been." George Eliot

What is Supay apparel?

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Intentional Design

Supay designs incorporate the Chakana principles.

Each corner holds a special meaning to the civilization and represents the dynamic play between the universe and the life it contains. It acts as a sacred geometric compass and represents different stages of our emotional, cognitive, and spiritual development.

The Inca also used it to divide the land, as a harvest calendar, to honor the duality of masculine/feminine energies, and to bring spiritual balance and deep insight into levels of consciousness. It is believed to hold the key to life.

Supay apparel aims to honor this ancient and complex symbol through thoughtful, creative interpretation. We are also inspired by coordinates, location, architecture, pottery, artwork, and other cultural elements.

We humbly work within this space to create bold designs imbued with meaning.

Who is Uku Pacha?

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Uku Pacha is the Incan realm of the underworld. Sam is an electronic music producer and choose Uku Pacha as his alias. Most see the underworld filled with death and darkness but it’s the heartbeat of the planet. Sam infuses his roots of his emotional, heavy hitting, melodic-djent, progressive metal with his new found love of crispy world building grooves of Electronic/Techno vibes.

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